Hyperpigmentation is a common, harmless condition characterized by skin discoloration. Over time, an uneven skin tone tends to develop due to aging and sun damage. When this happens, patches of skin become darker in color, giving you an uneven complexion. This darkening can affect everyone and occurs when excess amounts of melanin (the brown pigment that produces skin color) form deposits in the skin. If you’re experiencing skin discoloration, our staff at It Is Well Healthcare is here to help. We offer a range of treatment options to help you combat signs of hyperpigmentation and restore the even tone of your skin.

How Does Hyperpigmentation Occur?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when cells called melanocytes begin to produce too much pigment. This overproduction causes spots or patches on the skin’s surface. Hyperpigmentation can appear anywhere and can be caused by inflammation, skin trauma, medications, certain cosmetics, and melasma. Hyperpigmentation from acne is also common in younger people and can leave a lasting impression. When it comes to your skin, you shouldn’t settle for living with this condition. Our dedicated Dallas, Georgia staff can help your skin heal, getting you ever closer to your ideal beauty goals. 

Hyperpigmentation on a woman's cheek

What Are the Signs?

Signs of hyperpigmentation include uneven skin tone in the form of white, brown, or black patches. Hyperpigmentation from acne can often be accompanied by pimples and scarring that could give your skin a bumpy texture. However, perhaps the least talked about side effect of having this condition is feeling less than beautiful. We believe that everyone is entitled to feeling like their best selves, and have therefore developed a personalized approach to treating this condition.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

At our Dallas, Georgia center, we offer a range of treatment options to address your uneven skin tone concerns. The treatments delivered at our center are personalized based on specific patient needs. When you visit us, we will work hard to understand your skin care needs and develop a treatment program to help meet them. Some of the most commonly requested treatments we offer include:


Treating Hyperpigmentation in Dallas, Georgia

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