Thin Lips

Full, beautiful lips are the stuff of envy! Unfortunately, as our bodies age, our faces tend to gradually lose their plumpness and luster. If thin lips have become your normal, adding a bit of volume to their shape could do wonders for your image. At It Is Well Healthcare, we work hard to ensure that our clients achieve their beauty goals. If you long for fuller lips without plastic surgery, we invite you to visit our Dallas, Georgia center today.

How Do Thin Lips Occur?

Thin lips occur for the same reason skin begins to sag: a natural decline in collagen. This important protein, along with hyaluronic acid, is what keeps your lips plumper and healthier from the inside. In addition, the size of your teeth plays a big role in making your lips appear fuller. Younger people typically have larger teeth that prop up their lips. If you’ve noticed that your lips have gotten thinner, considering injectable fillers such as JUVÉDERM® may be the right decision.

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What Are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of thin or small lips can be worsened by several lifestyle factors. For example, “Smokers’ lines” play a contributing role in diminishing lip fullness. These lines occur when lips are frequently puckered due to straw use. Dehydration, lack of protein, and low vitamin C intake can also contribute to thinner lips.

While having thin lips will not lead to serious health issues, many people long for a lip plumper that can restore their volume. If you notice that you have smaller lips than before, visiting our center can do wonders for improving your situation.

Options for Treating Thin Lips

Our Dallas, Georgia center provides dermal filler solutions for enhancing lip fullness and improving overall facial volume.

Additionally, we provide JUVÉDERM® Ultra™ XC treatments that can enhance your lips without the need for surgery. If you are interested in dermal fillers, we welcome your visit!


Treating Thin Lips in Dallas, Georgia

Thin lips can really diminish your youthful glow. If your lips appear smaller or thinner than usual, opting for an aesthetic treatment may be the right call! At It Is Well Healthcare, we can offer you a range of options and ongoing support to help you achieve your beauty ideal. To get in touch with Dr. Howell and the rest of our team, fill out the form below or give us a call at (770) 800-6780.

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