Unwanted Hair

Regardless of gender, unwanted hair can make us all feel self-conscious. While shaving and waxing are obvious solutions to the problem,  razor burn and the irritation caused by waxing can be difficult to deal with. This is especially true for people with extra sensitive skin. At It Is Well Healthcare, we believe that having clean, hairless skin shouldn’t come as a compromise to personal comfort. For this reason, we are happy to offer one of the best laser hair removal systems in Dallas, Georgia to help you get the beautiful, hairless skin you want.

What Causes Unwanted Hair?

The level of unwanted hair on your body is largely based on your individual hormone levels. The primarily hormones responsible for hair quantity are called androgens. These hormones control the density of body hair following puberty and become especially prominent in men. Your androgen quantity level can make the appearance of hair thicker and more visible. For those who also suffer from sensitive skin, the appearance of excessive body hair can be a real problem due to the potential for skin irritation. Our treatment can offer laser hair removal for men and women alike, targeting hair follicles at the source and giving you beautiful results.

What Are the Signs?

Unwanted hair is often accompanied by ingrown hairs, blackheads, and irritation in some cases. Hair regrowth after shaving can be especially itchy and uncomfortable for those with sensitive or dry skin. If you often forgo shaving due to the irritation it causes, tying our laser hair removal treatment may be right for you. Our system offers excellent hair reduction while also slowing down regrowth and potentially stopping it altogether.

Hair Removal Services at It Is Well Healthcare

When it comes to unwanted hair, our laser hair removal system is an excellent solution. The powerful ICON™ laser provides high-volume, permanent hair reduction quickly and easily through concentrated wavelengths. Designed to work with a range of skin and hair types, the laser can remove hair from almost anywhere on the body. Treatment areas include The face, back, chest, arms, underarms, bikini area, and legs. By targeting hair follicles through the emission of powerful light energy, our laser system leaves the skin feeling smooth and radiant. 

Our aesthetician, Taylor Garmon, also provides waxing services, if you’d prefer more traditional hair removal methods.

Unwanted Hair Treatments in Dallas, Georgia

At It Is Well Healthcare, we believe that you deserve to look and feel good. If you’re struggling with unwanted body hair, we’re happy to offer you an effective treatment solution. To contact our team, fill out the form below, or give us a call at (770) 800-6780 to set up your appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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